Artificial Intelligence Stocks in India-2023

India has witnessed remarkable progress in the technology sector, largely attributable to the Digital India program. This initiative has accelerated the country’s adoption of technology, leading to a surge in demand for digital products. Consequently, numerous companies have emerged, pioneering innovative artificial intelligence solutions across various sectors such as health, finance, and education. In this article, we will explore the top artificial intelligence stocks in India for 2023 and examine the industry’s promising future.

What is Artificial Intelligence (AI)?

Before delving into the AI stock market, let’s first understand what artificial intelligence is.

Artificial intelligence (AI) refers to intelligent systems capable of accurately and swiftly performing tasks without the need for human intervention. AI systems can make decisions on your behalf, and we encounter them in various aspects of our daily lives, from unlocking our phones with facial recognition to using virtual assistants like Siri or Alexa for weather updates and navigation.

Top 10 Artificial Intelligence Stocks in India (2023)

Here’s a list of the leading AI stocks in India as of February 21, 2023, ranked by net profit margin:

  1. Oracle Financial Services Software Ltd
    • Market Cap: Rs. 27,983.11 crores
    • Net Profit Margin: 35.27%
    • 5-year CAGR: -4.39%
    • 1-year Returns: -10.08%
    • Description: Oracle Financial Services Software provides innovative solutions to the financial services industry, catering to corporate, retail, investment banking, and treasury operations.
  2. Tata Elxsi Ltd
    • Market Cap: Rs. 41,519.08 crores
    • Net Profit Margin: 21.85%
    • 5-year CAGR: 46.50%
    • 1-year Returns: -4.56%
    • Description: Tata Elxsi, a Tata Group company, specializes in the design and development of computer hardware and software, operating in system integration and support, as well as software development and services.
  3. Affle (India) Ltd
    • Market Cap: Rs. 13,710 crores
    • Net Profit Margin: 18.55%
    • 5-year CAGR: N/A
    • 1-year Returns: -14.21%
    • Description: Affle offers marketing consulting services and employs a consumer intelligence platform to drive user engagement and transactions through mobile advertising.
  4. Happiest Minds Technologies Ltd
    • Market Cap: Rs. 12,952.73 crores
    • Net Profit Margin: 16.02%
    • 5-year CAGR: N/A
    • 1-year Returns: -13.08%
    • Description: Happiest Minds Technologies focuses on IT services and consulting, specializing in big data, analytics, cloud, mobility, and security services.
  5. Saksoft Ltd
    • Market Cap: Rs. 1,479.65 crores
    • Net Profit Margin: 12.87%
    • 5-year CAGR: 43.31%
    • 1-year Returns: 61.2%
    • Description: Saksoft, a small-cap IT company, offers business intelligence, testing, and software solutions across various industries and verticals.
  6. Persistent Systems Ltd
    • Market Cap: Rs. 37,810.25 crores
    • Net Profit Margin: 11.79%
    • 5-year CAGR: 46.52%
    • 1-year Returns: 31.2%
    • Description: Persistent Systems is a software service provider specializing in building software products and offering complete product lifecycle services.
  7. Cyient Ltd
    • Market Cap: Rs. 10,275.84 crores
    • Net Profit Margin: 11.24%
    • 5-year CAGR: 8.84%
    • 1-year Returns: 7.65%
    • Description: Cyient provides engineering, manufacturing, geospatial, networks, and operations management services to various industries.
  8. Bosch
    • Market Cap: Rs. 53,629.32 crores
    • Net Profit Margin: 10%
    • 5-year CAGR: -1.28%
    • 1-year Returns: 14.68%
    • Description: Bosch, a global leader, is involved in various technology sectors, including AI, automotive, and industrial technology.
  9. Zensar Technologies
    • Market Cap: Rs. 6,140.33 crores
    • Net Profit Margin: 9.5%
    • 5-year CAGR: 8.45%
    • 1-year Returns: -25.06%
    • Description: Zensar Technologies offers IT services, consulting, and digital solutions to businesses worldwide.
  10. Kellton Tech Solutions Ltd
    • Market Cap: Rs. 525.61 crores
    • Net Profit Margin: 8.35%
    • 5-year CAGR: -1.8%
    • 1-year Returns: -39.6%
    • Description: Kellton Tech Solutions specializes in IT services and solutions.

Growth of the Artificial Intelligence Market in India

The artificial intelligence market in India has been experiencing robust growth in recent years. Several factors contribute to this upward trajectory:

  1. Government Initiatives: The Indian government’s Digital India program has played a pivotal role in fostering the growth of AI. It has not only increased awareness but also provided the necessary infrastructure and support for AI development.
  2. Rising Demand: The demand for AI solutions has surged across various sectors, including healthcare, finance, education, and e-commerce. Businesses and organizations are leveraging AI to streamline operations, enhance customer experiences, and gain a competitive edge.
  3. Startup Ecosystem: India has witnessed the emergence of numerous AI startups. These startups are driving innovation and disruption in various industries, attracting significant investments from both domestic and international sources.
  4. Talent Pool: India boasts a strong talent pool of engineers and data scientists with expertise in AI and machine learning. Many Indian professionals have made significant contributions to the global AI community.
  5. International Collaboration: Indian companies are collaborating with global tech giants to harness AI’s potential fully. These partnerships facilitate knowledge exchange and technology transfer.
  6. AI in Healthcare: AI is being used to improve healthcare services, from diagnosing diseases to personalized treatment plans. The COVID-19 pandemic accelerated the adoption of telemedicine and AI-based diagnostics in India.
  7. AI in Finance: The financial sector is leveraging AI for fraud detection, risk assessment, and algorithmic trading. AI-driven chatbots and virtual assistants have also enhanced customer service in banking and insurance.
  8. AI in Education: AI is transforming education through personalized learning experiences, adaptive testing, and data-driven insights for educators. It helps tailor educational content to individual students’ needs.
  9. AI in Agriculture: India’s agricultural sector is benefiting from AI-driven solutions for crop monitoring, yield prediction, and precision agriculture, contributing to increased productivity.

Applications of Artificial Intelligence in Various Industries in India

AI’s impact spans across diverse industries in India:

  1. Healthcare: AI is aiding in early disease detection, medical image analysis, drug discovery, and telemedicine. It enhances patient care through predictive analytics and personalized treatment plans.
  2. Finance: In the financial sector, AI algorithms analyze vast datasets for risk assessment, fraud detection, and algorithmic trading. AI-driven chatbots and robo-advisors provide efficient customer service.
  3. Education: AI-powered edtech platforms offer personalized learning experiences, adaptive testing, and intelligent content recommendations. Teachers benefit from data-driven insights to tailor their teaching methods.
  4. E-commerce: AI is revolutionizing e-commerce with recommendation engines, chatbots for customer support, and supply chain optimization. AI-driven pricing strategies and demand forecasting are also prevalent.
  5. Manufacturing: AI-driven automation enhances manufacturing processes by optimizing production lines, predictive maintenance, and quality control.
  6. Agriculture: Precision agriculture utilizes AI for crop monitoring, soil analysis, and yield prediction. This results in increased agricultural productivity and resource efficiency.
  7. Automotive: AI is integral in the automotive industry for autonomous vehicles, driver assistance systems, and predictive maintenance of vehicles.
  8. Retail: AI powers inventory management, demand forecasting, personalized marketing, and customer service in the retail sector.
  9. Entertainment: AI-driven content recommendation systems are prevalent in streaming services. Additionally, AI enhances visual effects and animation in the entertainment industry.
  10. Government: AI is used for citizen services, predictive policing, traffic management, and urban planning in various government initiatives.

These applications illustrate how AI is transforming and enhancing various aspects of Indian industries, driving efficiency, innovation, and economic growth.

Note: All data for AI stocks in India is accurate as of February 21, 2023, and the stocks are ranked based on their net profit margin.


The landscape of artificial intelligence in India is rapidly evolving, with various companies leading the way in innovation. These AI stocks present opportunities for investors to tap into the growing AI market in India, which shows great promise for the future.

Is it profitable to invest in AI stocks in India?

The profitability of investing in AI stocks depends on various factors, including market conditions and the performance of individual companies.

Are AI and robotics the same?

No, AI (Artificial Intelligence) and robotics are not the same. AI focuses on creating intelligent systems capable of learning and making decisions, while robotics involves the physical construction and operation of machines with human-like capabilities.

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